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Tell everything you know to the person you contact, you are anonymous, the recipient of your SMS will be able to move heaven and earth to find out who you are, he will never know.

  • Convenient

    Buying a second phone, a chip and credit to be anonymous, this has a certain cost is, it is not really practical, Smsghost offers the simple solution in a few clicks, you are anonymous even if you use your pc or tablets.


    Rock all your friends with sick jokes, with a little imagination you will drive them all crazy.

  • READ 100%

    It is sure that the recipient will read it, the sms with the highest opening rate of 95%, the opening rate for emails and other applications is between 5% and 15%.


    Pretend to receive a message from your boss in front of your boyfriend by sending a message to yourself using the “schedule send time” function to trick him into believing that you have to go to work, but that ‘in reality you will join your friends.


    You don’t dare or can’t tell him what you think face to face, pick up your phone and say everything anonymously with Smsghost.


    You can say whatever you think, and to whomever you want, without any social repercussions.



Schedule the time to send your messages and be next to the recipient when he receives the message to be cleared.


Insert an image if you have proof to provide.


Use the SMS sending function without moderation, there is no sending limit.


The more credits you buy, the less you pay.


Simple and practical, the service is accessible on any medium, pc and mobile.


Your recipient receives your sms in seconds.


When the recipient replies, you can view the reply from the site in your inbox.


You can also send anonymous sms without being registered, in this case you will not be able to benefit from reductions, the more credits you buy, the less you pay.


⇒ Speak your mind without social pressure
⇒ Literally freaking out your friends
⇒ Make revelations, which will have the effect of a bomb
⇒ Schedule your messages to be sent at a specific time
⇒ To issue an alert on bad behavior

what is smsghost

A discreet anonymous SMS sending service.

The answer may seem obvious to those who are used to using this tool, the main function of Smsghost is of course sending anonymous SMS, but not only, can also send an anonymous MMS according to your preference as a subscriber or without having created an account, to make a joke or a revelation, this service can be practical.

Receive SMS to go further !

Yes, you read correctly, you will be able to have a conversation with the recipient of the messages while remaining hidden, in most cases.

A simple SMS or MMS is of very little interest if you cannot see the reaction of the person opposite.

If he replies to your messages and how do you go to see them ?

All you have to do is go to your inbox and presto, you can see if the recipient has resent a message (for users who have created an account).

If I send an anonymous sms without having created an account, how can I see if the recipient has replied?

It is currently not possible to see the replies of a recipient if you have sent a message as a hidden guest, we are currently working on this feature.

Anonymous sender, a guarantee !

We guarantee anonymity to all our users, it is part of the policy of the sending service. You go through our tools, nothing connects you to the recipient, it’s up to you to remain discreet in your words so as not to be unmasked by the recipient of a text message!

If you wish, you can consult our privacy policy or our FAQ for more details.

Send your SMS with the Credits system.

To send an anonymous SMS, you must buy credits, these credits will allow you to send your first messages.

Credits are at the heart of the site, you buy credits and it is with these credits that you can use all the features of Smsghost. For more information, go to the pricing tab.

Get discounts on sending SMS.

We have made available to you several credit packs which will allow you to obtain reductions during your purchases, naturally to benefit from the biggest reductions the biggest pack is recommended to you!

Send a free SMS!

This is one of our ideas, we want everyone to be able to use the sending service and thus satisfy as many people as possible. For the moment, it is not possible to send SMS for free via, at the opening of the site for each subscriber, it was possible to send their first anonymous SMS for free. This caused many abuses, some users created several chain accounts to send SMS in an abusive way. This penalizes new users, but rest assured, we are currently developing options that would allow you to earn free credits. This option is one of our priorities, we advise you to follow us on Instagram, tiktok or Twitter to be kept informed of the availability of the feature.

Problem sending anonymous SMS.

In the event that one of your anonymous SMS or anonymous MMS does not arrive at its destination (this is very rare, but it can happen) after verification, we can credit your account to allow you to send your text message again. For more details, we invite you to consult our refund policy.

Send an anonymous MMS to illustrate a point.

Do you know the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? In some cases, it may turn out that this may be true, especially if you want to support your point with photos for example to show any proof, the anonymous MMS you are about to send can arrive in two ways. Either in a direct image like a simple MMS, or in a link that the recipient will have to follow to display the photo (it depends on the policy of the country in which you send your MMS).

Recipients can also send you MMS and you can consult them from your inbox (if you have created an account).

Your hidden SMS programmed in the front.

Here is a very interesting feature and an unsuspected and formidable powerful, schedule the time of sending your anonymous messages, I believe that you are not aware of the true strength of this tool. We will put you an example of use case in lower in this page, you can program the exact date and time, during the programming pay attention to the time zone!

Main use cases:

-Pranks on a friend

-Make a revelation

– Denounces a deception

-recontact a person

-have an alibi

– get out of a blocking situation

Example :

1-Get out of a blocking situation

It’s your day off and you want to go out to join your friends in the evenings, problem your boyfriend or your girlfriend does not want for such or such reason, go to your toilet, take out your phone and go to, then you send messages on your own phone from Smsghost, in the message you pretend to be your boss who tells you that he absolutely needs you tonight, you schedule this message 30 minutes later, then you go back to your partner and 30 minutes later presto! You get the message ahead! Thanks to this technique your partner will believe that you are going to work, Good evening!

2-Make a revelation

Your best friend is cheated on by his or her girlfriend and you don’t know how to tell him, he’s your friend, you owe him the truth. But you probably tell yourself that your friend loves this person so much only if you tell him the truth and he stays together. Your friendship would be affected, so how do you tell him without him knowing it’s you? Easy, is the solution!

An interrogation ?

For all questions relating to the company, you can consult our general conditions of use or our legal notices.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must buy credits.

You can delete everything, your conversations like your account, you can create ephemeral conversations and choose how long a message or conversation will remain before it is automatically deleted, you can also archive or download your exchanges.

We delete our database regularly.
We do not collect any personal information.
We do not resell any personal information.
You can go through our TOR link.

People you messaged can reply to you, you can see their replies on your dashboard and create as many conversations with as many people as you want.

Yes, it is possible to send media by MMS anonymously.

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