Non-Disclosure Policy

Confidentiality and the right to anonymity are not arguments, it is our philosophy.

  • Untraceable

    You go through our servers, nothing connects you with it, so it is impossible to trace it back to you.

  • Discreet

    When registering, we only ask for a nickname and an e-mail address.

  • Chat System

    You can communicate via our chat system, you must choose your country, enter the number, write send.

  • Delete, customize

    A chat conversation disappears after 30 days by default, you can adjust the duration or create ephemeral conversations.

  • World wide

    You can send and receive sms/mms from any country thanks to an agreement with more than 500 telephone operators.

  • Schedule SMS sending

    You can schedule the sending of SMS or MMS at a specific time, you choose the date, time and time zone.


How It Works?

As a guest or registered member, add credits or earn them for free to send and receive sms anonymously.

Free services

Registered or not, you can use our services.

Buy credits anonymously

Earn credits or buy them using many payment methods (VISA / MASTERCARD) and cryptocurrencies.

Send SMS anonymously

Send and receive as many messages as you want.

Guaranteed anonymity

Smsghost will defend the anonymity of its customers at all costs. This is our priority: your privacy. No anonymity, no smsghost.

Respect for your privacy

We do not collect or resell any data from our customers. Your data is not resold for commercial or other purposes.

You control your data

You have control over your data. You can erase all traces of your visit to our platform at any time with a single click.

TOR domain name

For the most perfectionists among you, you can use our TOR version (.onion link). You can also use Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies.

So you can

Send or receive SMS, MMS and anonymous
Buy or earn credits to use our services
Use several means of payment (credit card and cryptocurrency)
Schedule the sending of your messages at a specific time
Many more features to come

Frequently Asked Questions

To satisfy the greatest number, we offer paid and free options

You can delete everything, your conversations like your account, you can create ephemeral conversations and choose how long a message or conversation will remain before it is automatically deleted, you can also archive or download your exchanges.

We delete our database regularly.
We do not collect any personal information.
We do not resell any personal information.
You can go through our TOR link.

People you messaged can reply to you, you can see their replies on your dashboard and create as many conversations with as many people as you want.

Yes, it is possible to send media by MMS anonymously.

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