Project Roadmap

Project Roadmap site for sending, receiving sms, anonymous mms, which aims to make it accessible and functional to the whole world and to create an ecosystem consistent with the world of Smsghost in the long term.

This road map is that of the nft project “Smsghost”.

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Smsghost's roadmap

Smsghost sending and receiving sms functional in French-speaking countries, United States and Canada.

Globally functional

What is Smsghost?

A platform where you can send and receive anonymous sms/mms in two ways, paying or free by watching ads.The main purpose of this site is to be able to denounce any adultery to the person concerned without having to suffer the social consequences, it is the philosophy of Smsghost we are against adultery, sending anonymous sms / mms can be used in many other ways but our position is clear, we want to make Smsghost the world’s number 1 platform for reporting adultery.

There are many sites for sending anonymous sms, these services partially work and are therefore unstable, not reliable, because all these sites are dependent and must outsource all the telephony part, therefore sending and receiving. (all that is function so to speak).

Being able to send/receive anonymous sms/mms directly on a phone number from the platform anywhere in the world, it seems simple at first sight, but its sites do not tell you everything, because to date, it does not There is no site/platform in the world where SENDING and RECEIVING sms/mms is possible in all countries of the world, as all its sites like to say as the main marketing argument.

Because there are many restrictions in many countries, and to comply with them, structures must be created in each country to comply with all restrictions and allow operation in all countries.

For example, if you send an sms from France to Austria, your sms will be received in Austria, but the recipient will not be able to answer you, because blocked by the restrictions, on the other hand if you send an sms from France to Germany, Germany can answer you that depends on the restrictions of each country, it is therefore all its problems that we will have to solve.

Last obstacles are cloud telecommunications providers, they are originally created to do sms marketing, and they ban all detections of users who use their services for an anonymous platform and with message content control algorithms that they detect its users more and more quickly, which is why all anonymous message platforms, ultimately, are only platforms that subcontract the service it offers to service providers who continually banish them, and that’s for its reasons that its platforms are unstable and are under maintenance half the time, the real solution is to create a structure in order to provide the service that we offer with our structure and to be present at all the links in the chain so as not to depend on no one and ensure quality service, once this is done we will have a stable product that can be used at all times.Being able to send anonymous messages cheaply or for free to any phone without knowing who sent it, this product will be timeless use and always every human had something to say secretly to almost every eras of the world.

We are working on the development of this project every day and you will be able to consult the global feature availability table very soon.

``Create a file`` tab function

The creation of a tab that will allow you to create a detailed file on a person who has deceived another, this file creation can be detailed and you can import your evidence to certify that the person you are denouncing has committed the deception. This file will be published in this tab in public and will be indexed by Google, it will be enough to type then its name and first name so that then the file appears in public on the search engines, the publication will cost credits to avoid spams, users will also be able to make a request for “file verification” and have a file validation sticker affixed, which will give your file great credibility.

The verification request goes through a verification by the Smsghost team who, after having checked in detail all the evidence you have provided, will decide whether or not to give you the validated card badge!

In a future where Smsghost will grow before you get together with a person, you will check on Smsghost if the person has a history of deception on the future number one anti-deception platform.

Shop tab

Clothing brand with loose and oversized cuts.
Only in black and white.
In ultra limited number of copies which will create rarity
Verifiable clothes using the QR code provided using the “smsghost authenticator” application
Ultra rare objects from the brand’s collections and very limited in number.
Part of the store will be accessible only for nft holders.

Mobile application

Develop Smsghost mobile application version on Apple and Android stores.

Create a Smsghost version in the metaverse

All functionality of Smsghost.
And also met the community and exchanged anonymously with your avatars.

Smsghost authentificator

Application that will verify the authenticity of all Smsghost products. For ease, verification for sales or exchanges between individuals.

Smsghost token

Will be the official currency of the play to earn games.
Will be required to play some games.
Will allow you to get discounts if you pay with its currencies for all Smsghost products, discount combinable with nft discounts.

Collections of 9,999 nft

These nft will allow you to obtain discounts on all Smsghost products, video games, very rare obget shop with a limited number etc…
Receive rewards in Smsghost token.
Have exclusive access to a part of the store reserved for the owner of nft.

With a rarity system: common 5%, rare 7.5%, very rare 10% and legendary 15%. Ultra Legendary 20%

Trading Card Games in shop tab

Create a fully card game about Smsghost and order it in the shop tab or metaverse.

Smsghost in audiovisual

Realise an anime around the story of the ghost of Smsghost
The whole universe of all manga will be mixed there.

Video games

Android/iOS mobile games (under development) (Smsghost runner)

– A free 16-bit flash game on that will earn you credits when you play (horizontal scroning).

– Game type beat them all to play four style (StreeT of rage).

– Style fighting type game (smash bros melee for playstation).

– Play to earn in towerfall combat type PVP. Player will bet smsghost token each on their side, the winner of the game will win the bet.

The Smsghost encrypted application

An application to communicate encrypted like Whatsapp or signal, applications of this kind earn their money by accumulating information about you and reselling it.
Smsghost encryted will not collect any information about its customers, its method of financing will be based on the display of small advertisements.

This project has a long-term objective, the mobilization of the community will contribute to the acceleration of the realization of the project.
For this, follow us on Instagram/Discord/Twitter