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[section_title title=”revelation”]Tell everything you know to the person you contact, you are anonymous, the recipient of your SMS will be able to move heaven and earth to find out who you are, he will never know.[/section_title]
[features][feature title=”Convenient” icon=”icon icon-basic-question”]Buying a second phone, a chip and credit to be anonymous, this has a certain cost is, it is not really practical, Smsghost offers the simple solution in a few clicks, you are anonymous even if you use your pc or tablets.[/feature][feature title=”YOUR FRIENDS” icon=”icon icon-basic-lock”]Rock all your friends with sick jokes, with a little imagination you will drive them all crazy.[/feature][feature title=”READ 100%” icon=”icon icon-basic-message-txt”]It is sure that the recipient will read it, the sms with the highest opening rate of 95%, the opening rate for emails and other applications is between 5% and 15%.[/feature][/features]
[features][feature title=”PRETEXT” icon=”icon icon-arrows-rotate-anti”]Pretend to receive a message from your boss in front of your boyfriend by sending a message to yourself using the “schedule send time” function to trick him into believing that you have to go to work, but that ‘in reality you will join your friends.[/feature][feature title=”A SOLUTION” icon=”icon icon-basic-world”]You don’t dare or can’t tell him what you think face to face, pick up your phone and say everything anonymously with Smsghost.[/feature][feature title=”NO PRESSURE” icon=”icon icon-basic-alarm”]You can say whatever you think, and to whomever you want, without any social repercussions.[/feature][/features]
[section_title title=”INGENUITY”]Schedule the time to send your messages and be next to the recipient when he receives the message to be cleared.[/section_title]
[service title=”SEND IMAGES” icon=”icon icon-basic-lock”]Insert an image if you have proof to provide.[/service]
[service title=”MAIN FUNCTION” icon=”icon icon-ecommerce-bath” delay=”0.3″]Use the SMS sending function without moderation, there is no sending limit.[/service]
[service title=”DISCOUNTS” icon=”icon icon-basic-mail-multiple” delay=”0.6″]The more credits you buy, the less you pay.[/service]
[section_title title=”WITH EASE” fullwidth=””]Simple and practical, the service is accessible on any medium, pc and mobile.[/section_title][overviews][overview title=”IN A FEW SECONDS” icon=”icon icon-arrows-deny”]Your recipient receives your sms in seconds.[/overview][overview title=”SEE THE ANSWER” icon=”icon icon-arrows-fit-vertical”]When the recipient replies, you can view the reply from the site in your inbox.[/overview][overview title=”SEVERAL POSSIBILITIES” icon=”icon icon-basic-link”]You can also send anonymous sms without being registered, in this case you will not be able to benefit from reductions, the more credits you buy, the less you pay.[/overview][/overviews]
[section_title title=”IN BRIEF YOU CAN” fullwidth=””][/section_title]

⇒ Esprimi la tua opinione senza pressioni sociali
⇒ Fai letteralmente impazzire i tuoi amici
⇒ Fai rivelazioni, che avranno l'effetto di una bomba
⇒ Programma l'invio dei tuoi messaggi a un'ora specifica
⇒ Per emettere un avviso in caso di cattivo comportamento

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